What is SEO?

What SEO means?

It is simple to understand but complicated to succeed than you never thought!

Admittedly, you have heard about SEO, right? What does it mean exactly? SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process whose primary objective is to improve the search engine results or rankings of a web page.

Google will rank your web page better in the search results if your web page has more links from higher authoritative and relevant pages. The quality and number of external web pages are used to measure authority. Generally speaking, when other authority web pages link to your webpage, the chances are that you will rank best in Google.

Improving search rankings of your site in Google

Too often, if you create good content, other pages will link to your page. Consequently, this will show the Goggle that your content is interesting and captivating. Remember, the more authoritative and engaging your content is, the better the search engine results you will get. Google wants to display authoritative content first. As simple as that!

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What criteria does Google use to rank pages?

The role of Google is to ensure that pages with useful content get top rankings; it decides which pages become authority pages. If your content is shared most in Twitter feeds, blogs or social media platforms, the Google will use these power signals to make your page an authority page, and this implies that you will be promoted to the search engine rankings. This criterion encourages reliable rankings.

Getting better search engine results in 3 simple steps

  1. Make your content interesting. Always use words that are commonly used by people when they are searching for your brands online.
  2. You should ensure that people can easily share your content and link to your webpage.
  3. Never lose hope. Keep on doing, keep the flames burning!

Remember, SEO aims at ensuring that the products and services offered by a given brand can be found easily when phrases relevant to what the site offers are included in the search. Many people don’t understand what SEO entails. Why? Many SEO Companies are not ready to tell their clients about SEO. They try to blind you, and you will come out confused the more. However, at Notion Age – Singapore most credible SEO agency, we do it differently. We love to see satisfied clients. We make our customers understand how we can help them and why to serve them.

Getting the off-site links

Do you want to get links to your web page? Well, you need quality links, not quantity. It is worth noting that having great content is an assurance of getting natural links from other authoritative and relevant pages. Such kind of links will promote your search engine results. If your content is exclusively important, you will secure many related links that will take your web page to the next level. Relevant sites only link to great content. In any case, how can poor content help you?

The bottom line

Knowing the type of content that is helpful to your potential customers is the first step towards creating a great website. Make it easier for people to share your content and link to your webpage. You will get more traffic day after day!