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PPC Management ServicesNotion Age is your reliable partner of online advertising solutions on a wide range of platforms to increase your ROI. By improving your company’s online visibility and reach to target audience, you can expect long-term success. Thus, you need to consult expert internet marketers to help you in the building and optimisation of your company’s AdWords campaigns for higher returns.

We provide PPC optimisation and reasonable cost for advanced SEM management services for Paid Search Advertising such as Google Search Advertising – AdWords and Google Display Networks, Yahoo! Search Advertising and Bing Search Marketing. With effective SEM solution on various platforms, we can help you to reach a wider audience that can help your business boost its online advertising ROI over time.

Notion Age is a Google Partners Singapore Certified Badge, we have managed over S$2,000,000 of SEM AdWords /Ad spend for the past 2 years. Our SEM PPC experts have accomplished numerous projects such as the creation and optimisation of paid search marketing campaigns by our clienteles in various fields including finances, telecommunication, education, healthcare, retails and technology, to name a few. Throughout our years of experience in the industry, we have supported a variety of large corporations and SMEs that are in need of innovative business solutions. Hence, you can count us to help you achieve your business objectives as we work closely with you every step of the way.

SEM Campaign Research and Strategy

PPC Paid Search AdvertisingUpon determining the right KPIs or key performance indicators for your campaigns, our PPC experts will undertake the following tasks to achieve success in you business goals.

1. Competitor Analysis

We make it a point to identify what works for your competitors in the industry to provide your campaign with an efficient starting point.

2. Keyword Research

With our external and internal tools, we can help secure your campaigns success as we create an effective keyword list.

3. Negative Keyword Development

Aside from determining relevant keywords, it makes sense to identify negative ones to know which ones are likely to present your ads online, as well/

4. Placement Research

Our experts assess the demographics of individuals who are potential leads for your business, instead of merely bombing Facebook with ads about your products and services. These demographics may be easily managed by selecting relevant factors such as location, age and gender.

SEM Campaign Management Services – Building and Rebuilding of Campaigns

After analysing your campaign’s existing situation and potentials, our PPC experts will evaluate if there is a need to rebuild your existing campaign. In most cases, it is a better option to begin from scratch when your campaign barely attained success in the past. This is an option you may want to take since the past CTR has an impact on the quality score while determining the CPA and CPC.

PPC Adwords Campaign ManagementOur SEM/PPC experts will perform a series of tasks as they build campaigns such as the following:

1. Keywords

One way that enables us to refine our initial list of keywords is by running reports on search query that will determine the techniques people do to locate and find your ads.

2. AdGroups

We will build and refine your existing AdGroups, so we can maintain their relevance to your target audience.

3. AdCopy

With the help of our SEM specialists, you can expect a greater success on your campaigns because of their superb copywriting skills

4. Targeting

Our PPC experts are skilled in a wide range of targeting techniques and making decisions for placements, demographics, ad-scheduling and geographic regions.

5. Conversion Tracking

You can expect an increase in your ROI while reducing CPA by refining the tracking for your campaigns.

6. Alerts

Our custom alerts enable us to receive notifications immediately after any problems occur.

SEM Campaign Monitoring and Optimising

google adwords ppc costOptimising your campaign is important in securing its success with excellent performance. You can count on our PPC experts to optimise key features in your campaign including these:

1. Keywords

By running search query reports, we can refine keywords we use to advertise your campaigns.

2. AdCopy

Improving our ad’s CTR is made possible by running a variety of advertisements when slit-testing the AdCopy.

3. Targeting

By gathering date from the tracking and campaign, we are able to make the best decisions in terms of the right time, place and audience to present your ads.

SEM Testing and Experimenting

In addition to the regular optimisation of your account, we will test and experiment with key segments of your campaign to identify the right components and settings. This task may be done by:

1. Split-Testing AdCopy

Our SEM strategists will help enhance your campaign’s performance by trying various USPs and copy that work well in your specific situation.

2. Testing Targeting

We can prevent making poor decisions that will have a significant impact to your campaign by testing segments, placements, scheduling and demographics.

3. Experimentation with Bids

You can count on us to test and evaluate segments of your campaign, as well as any changes in the ROI and CPA depending on any adjustments in bids.

4. Placement Experimentation

Notion Age can expand the reach of your ads by monitoring and experimenting various placement opportunities while maintaining minimal risks.

SEM Reporting and Communicating

You can expect to receive a thorough and transparent reporting about your campaign’s progress. Moreover, we implement project management process to give you a chance to understand clearly how any works on your PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns are done. We will also provide you details of this report to establish the right strategy to be used in the optimisation of your ad accounts.

If you’re interested in our SEM / AdWords Management Services, please contact us to check our availability and receive a free quote.

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