SEO and Inbound Marketing – What These Mean to Your Business

To get the word out about your small business, it takes more than having a professional website. You also need to make sure your website shows up on search results – and on the first page – each time someone types in keywords relevant to your business. In this case, SEO and inbound marketing help a great deal, but it is best to have a better understanding of what these terms mean to make sure these two work to your advantage.

SEO and Inbound Marketing Defined

Search Engine Optimization or SEO aids in making your website rank well in search results when relevant keyphrases or keywords are entered in search engnes. A high rank puts your website ahead of the rest while making you appear as an authority in your industry. Hence, you can expect to boost your website traffic and increase your chances of getting potential customers for your business.

On the other hand, inbound marketing encompasses strategies for stepping up your game several notches higher, so you can increase online presence. Among the strategies included in inbound maketing are keeping followers engaged, SEO, expanding reach and optimizing conversion rates. To put it simply, inbound marketing is the general term for promoting businesses while SEO is just a portion of this form of marketing.

Ranking and Traffic

SEO is all about improving your ranking through the use of short tail keywords that are properly used in your content. As for inbound marketing, the main focus is on establishing more traffic to your website. This amount of traffic is the outcome of quality content, and you can expect to improve the number of site visitors on a steady basis no matter what changes in algorithm may occur.

Quality Content Matters

What SEO offers is making sure your content is optimized for search engines. If you have existing content, SEO specialists will make recommendations and implement techniques to keep it search engine-friendly. Hence, there is no such thing as content creation involved in this process since it is all about the use of keywords and positioning them for greater visibility on search engine results pages or SERPs.

However, keywords are not just what you need to think about when it comes to getting a solid ranking. You also need to make sure your visitors will keep coming back for more, which can happen when you have quality content. Inbound marketing considers professional content creation as a key ingredient for businesses to get more traffic constantly.

Link Building

Building links has been known to be used by search engines to establish authority of a website. This is one of the key aspects of SEO, which has been proven to be effective over time. Keep in mind, however, that authoritative links do not suffice since content quality is just as important. You cannot expect other websites to link to your homepage or webpage if content is poor and unprofessional. So, it is important that you think about the quality of web content, which can put you ahead of the pack.

Social Media

To improve your ranking in SERPs, you need to think about boosting your social media activity. Yet, aside from constantly posting on social networks, you should also know how to properly manage your social media performance. Inbound marketing deals with this area, which improves SEO opportunities, awareness and traffic to your website.

Pay Per Click

Organic search helps with your ranking and site traffic, and SEO can make this happen. With inbound marketing, PPC campaigns are implemented to further improve traffic that will yield long-term effects.


While SEO experts search know their job well enough to provide quality results to clients, there are more things that inbound marketing specialists can do that will help maximize your profits. Since inbound marketing is more comprehensive, you can expect greater outcomes to your website – and in the shorter amount of time possible.

Visual Content

SEO is all about optimizing pages, but inbound marketing is also concerned about how your content appears to users. This means, with the help of a professional who excells in inbound marketing, you can ensure the outstanding appearance of your quality content that will trigger more people to share and stay engaged.

Putting It All Together

While SEO and inbound marketing seem to offer the same thing, there are certain differences that these two areas have. Inbound marketing is deals more on traffic increase and audience engagement while SEO focuses on your ranking. By integrating SEO and inbound marketing to your campaigns, you can achieve a more powerful strategy that will optimize your reach, conversion rates and sales.

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