SEO Process and Methodology.

Understand more about our effective SEO process and methodology.

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It is important to understand the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) process and methodology involved, before you kick-start a effective SEO campaign.

1. Identify Business/Marketing Objective

  • What is the purpose of your website?
  • What is the desired goal or action for visitor to your site?

2. Keywords Research

  • Review existing keywords by client
  • Research and identify short and long tail keywords

3. SEO Competitors Analysis

  • Studying and analyse competitors’ website ranking on search engines results
  • Analyse competitors’ website link building strategies and their backlinks sources
  • Come up with the best approach and strategies

4. Website Analysis and Audit

  • Site architecture and navigation analysis
  • Internal/external link analysis
  • Content and keywords analysis

5. On-Site Optimization

  • Content and keyword density optimization
  • HTML code editing, Meta/Alt/Title Tag optimization
  • Internal link structure optimization
  • Installation of analytics coding (if required)

6. Content Suggestion and Building

  • Content is still King! Good content is essential for good SEO ranking
  • Suggestion of new content page for some other keywords
  • Include off-site Content Marketing suggestion

7. Off-Site Optimization (Link Building)

  • Define link building strategy for increase high quality backlinks
  • Discover high authority off-site sources for link building activities
  • Website submission such as Directory, Social Bookmarking, Social Media
  • Off site content creation such as Blogs, Articles, Forums
  • Article/Blog posts creation from multiple sources to generate more backlinks and awareness

8. Statistics Report, Monitoring and Maintenance

  • Generate statistics reports such as SEO Ranking Report and Traffic Reports
  • Monitoring traffic performance according to traffic sources, visitors by keywords
  • Maintain existing keywords ranking and promote new keywords ranking

Premium SEO ServicesSEM/PPC Search AdvertisingContent Creation/MarketingEmail/EDM Blasting

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